XE Division provides ATC training services for members through the IVAO Training Simulator (HAL), to facilitate the use of the system, all users should be clear with the rules and regulations by both IVAO-XE and IVAO Training Department. The training sessions in the HAL system will only be initiated by training staff, while the user should connect to the “Training” server in the IvAc system.

To apply for a training session in HAL, users must follow the steps and rules below:
1. Make a request by email to XE Training staff from your IVAO Registered email (see example below);
2. A confirmation email will be sent to the user afterwards confirming all details;
3. Different scenarios are provided under the HAL training session, users can choose a scenario based on different dates and active runways based on the user’s own choice, or to compromise with the trainer prior to the session.
4. The usage of HAL training system is both governed by the above procedures and also the usage rules published by IVAO.
5. Other than actively applying for a HAL session, the IVAO-XE Training Department may also invite users to attend training sessions before events and examinations. Users will be notified individually in this case.

Email Example

Email to:;;
Subject: Request ATC Practical Training (ID: xxxxxx)
Content: ID & Name: xxxxxx First Name, Last Name
Current Rating: AS1 / AS2 / AS3 / ADC etc
Type of training: HAL / Monitoring Session
Preferred Date and Time: Wednesdays night (Hong Kong Time)

Scenario APP_A_07

Scenario APP_A_25

User Commands

HAL 사용자 명령어

1. AI 비행기에게 강제로 명령을 내립니다.
2. 오래된 2006 AIRAC 데이터베이스에는 많은 웨이 포인트가 없습니다. 레이더 벡터링을 권장합니다.
3. 속도가 설정되어 있지 않으면 고도에 따라 자동으로 변합니다. 속도를 지시해 주세요.
4. CL - 항공기가 접근하려면 CL Clear to Land(착륙허가)가 필요합니다. 그렇지 않으면 복행합니다.

Aircraft commands departures

TAXI TO HPTaxi to runway xx and hold short.
LINEUPLine up runway xx and wait. (Taxi in to position and hold runway 27)
CTOCleared for take-off runway xx

Aircraft commands vectoring

FH xxxFly heading xxx " KLM1043 fh 180"
TL xxxTurn left heading xxx " KLM1043 tl 140"
TR xxxTurn right heading xxx " KLM1043 tr 140"
PD xxxxxx(Proceed) direct xxxxx(fix) " KLM1043 pd EEL"
DCT xxxxSame command as pd " KLM1043 dct SPL"
TL DCT xxxxxTurn left direct xxxxx(fix) " KLM1043 tl dct SPL"
TR DCT xxxxxTurn right direct xxxxx(fix) " KLM1043 tr dct SPL"
MHMaintain present heading " KLM1043 mh"
EX TExpedite turn " KLM1043 ex t"
ROResume own navigation. (Fly flightplan)
HOLD xxxxx yyy left/rightHOLD over xxxxx inbound track yyy left/right turns " KLM1043 gold over artip 140 left"
.... THEN .....Delimiter between to commands. " KLM1043 tr dct SPL then dct SPY"

Aircraft commands altitude

MAMaintain (present) altitude. " KLM1043 ma"
CM xxxClimb to FLxxx (4 digits gives the altitude) " KLM1043 cm 070"
DM xxxdescend to FLxxx (4 digits gives the altitude) " KLM1043 dm 3000"
EX CExpedite climb
EX DExpedite descend

Aircraft commands speed

SPEED xxxSpeed xxx
RS xxxReduce speed xxx
IS xxxIncrease speed
NSRNo speed restrictions

Aircraft commands extra

SQ xxxx / SQUAWK xxxxSquawk xxxx
IDENTSquawk ident

Aircraft commands approaches and landings

CI xxCleared ILS approach runway xx
CV xxCleared visual approach runway xx
CL xxCleared to land runway xx
TF xxxturn final (and land on) rwy xxx

Aircraft commands reports

SSSay speed
SHSay Heading
SASay Altitude
SVSSay vertical speed

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